1. Slight discomfort following the procedure is normal. It usually persists for a few days. If discomfort persists, or becomes severe, please call our office immediately and speak to the doctor or staff.
  2. Eating: Please eat normally, but avoid chewing on the plastic temporary crown with sticky or very chewy foods since this may dislodge the crown which is attached loosely for this trial period.
  3. Brushing: Please brush normally, including the temporary restoration but do not floss it as not to dislodge it!
  4. If the temporary does come loose, please call our office to re-cement it immediately, as problems can occur if the temporary is not re-cemented.

Crowns, bridges, and veneers are excellent ways to preserve teeth when they are damaged, or to change the color, shape or function of teeth. Teeth can be treated this way without other procedures, or sometimes, teeth can need root canals or posts and buildups as well. We will advise you of the necessity for other procedures.

Crowns, bridges, and veneers are made in several visits. The first step is to shape the tooth so that the tooth can be protected. An impression is taken, and a temporary is made so that the tooth will look and feel comfortable between visits. When the new restoration is ready, it will be placed on the tooth with more durable cement.

Most teeth are slightly sensitive when the temporary is placed, but they feel better after the new restoration is placed.

Your new restoration is very durable, but it will still have to be flossed, brushed, and professionally cleaned to make it last as long as it should.

Please call our office if any questions arise, 908-647-6220.