Teeth Whitening Instructions

  1. Brush and Floss teeth
  2. Practice inserting trays without any material until you get the feeling of how they should fit comfortably.
  3. Load the trays with a tiny “teardrop” of gel in the deepest part of each tooth compartment.
  4. Gently insert trays careful not to push gel out. Remove any excess gel around the gum line with your finger. You may see “bubbling” within the trays-this is part of the whitening process.
  5. Wear trays for 60 min. — initially 9 times, then 2-3 times every other month for touch-up maintenance.
  6. Some slight cold sensitivity is normal & will disappear when treatment is completed. Skip a session due to sensitivity if needed.
  7. After each session, rinse each tray to remove any excess
  8. Gel with cold water, store your trays
  9. Avoid dark staining substances/habits: coffee/tea, red wine/cola, etc